What yoga means to me (or how neurotic do I get without it)

Where do I begin? 


Do you know that for a lot of us, yoga is a lifeline. Gripping on with both hands, putting one foot in front of the other. Those of us who practice a lot of yoga is because, quite frankly, we would fall apart without it. 

I'm a worrier. I like to plan. I like to execute the plan. I don't like it when the plan doesn't work out how I planned it. I don't have plan b. 

Yoga, for me, is learning to live without a plan, without control. It's about trying, truly, to live in the moment through breath, through movement and through awareness. 

That's what yoga is about. Trying to live in the present moment because it's the only life that we have. When we get stuck in the past or worry about the future we're missing our lives. We live too much in our minds. Yoga is about living breath to breath, moment to moment. 

The present moment doesn't need to be perfect. It doesn't have to be happy. It is reflective of what is going on - happy, sad, painful, confusing. It's not about shying away from these feelings, it's about embracing them. Experiencing them fully and not suppressing them. And so it's not about hiding our neuroses. Hiding them won't make them disappear. Expose them. Explore them and then perhaps they will diminish a little of their own accord. 

Yoga has taught me so many things. To leave the ego behind (sometimes). To find softness in strength. To have my body as a functional unit, rather than an aesthetic sculpture. To give myself permission to rest. To breathe. To sit still. To live beyond the perceived physical constraints of my body. To explore. 

It is hard to explain to those who have not tried yoga or are perhaps using yoga as a physical workout that there is more to it than meets the eye. I'd urge everyone to try and make time to find a mat in 2016. 


Sophia x