Core Strength Yoga Workshop

Core Yoga - Leyton Yoga: Feb 28th, 2-4.30pm (£22)


This Pilates influenced core workshop will be dynamic and a tough asana practice. Activating your core will help make your yoga practice more fluid and keep your back healthy and happy. Sometimes, the missing link in smooth transitions, balancing poses and inversions is a strong core. Training your core muscles is much more than just getting a “flat tummy”, it’s about creating endurance and stability throughout the whole body, enabling freedom of movement and supporting your back, freeing you from back pain.  

To register for a workshop, please email Places are limited. Leyton Yoga.

Pilates Ab workout: Series of 5 Abdominal Exercises

This is the series of 5 abdominal exercises from the classical Pilates mat repertoire. You can try one or two and rest in between as you build up abdominal strength and stamina to do all five.  Needless to say, these are great exercises for building core strength!

The exercises we go through in this video are:
Single leg stretch
Double leg stretch
Single leg lower
Double leg lower
Criss cross